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EOD9/EOD9A Transceivers

A Plug and Play Solution when implementing wireless communications with Allen Vanguard EOD9/EOD9A bomb suits?

The 700EDU-AV receives power & audio I/O from the Allen Vanguard Helmet Universal Patch Cord or a self-contained AA battery pack & headset assembly. This transceiver is compatible with all EOD headset including field headsets for tactical teams. Embedded controls provided user adjustment of helmet headset and microphone levels. Custom frequencies are available in the UHF/VHF spectrum. All systems utilize Full Duplex communications protocol with narrow band radio technology to facilitate quality real time continuous communications. All Swintek Systems 2- 3-4 are supplied with usb event digital recorders and are compatible with P-25 protocol.

EOD and Hazmat Teams

  • Simply open the equipment pocket on the right arm of the suit.
  • Connect the MED-ENG patch cord to the 700EDU-AV.
  • Place the 700EDU-AV into the equipment pocket.
  • Turn on the 700EDU-AV, adjust helmet volume and close the flap.

That it; you are ready to go!

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