EOD Components   10/1/2017

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MK 700/EDU Base Station for System Three
The base Station for System three has two receivers and One transmitter. It is a three frequency base station, (1 transmit, 2receive) and is full duplex. It has an on board battery compartment which mounts “C” cell type batteries. It can be used as a drop along repeater. The base station can be connected through an input on the rear of the unit to a vehicle’s DC power Supply. It has externally adjustable squelch controls along

with CTCSS remote tone squelch. There are dual receiver outputs to connect a recorder monitor. The unit incorporates a tone squelch defeat switch in order to allow simple noise squelch adjustments. Color coding is used in order to identify the transceivers of the two mobiles used with the System Three. LED’s indicate incoming and outgoing audio. The base station typically radiates a 1/2 watt. Receiver and transmitter are modular allowing easy replacement with minimum down time.

MK 700/EDU B4 Base Station for System 4
The base station for the system 4 is a 5 frequency unit. It has one transmitter and up to 4 receivers. It is the same base as is used for the System 3.5. It has an on board rechargeable back up battery which will power the base for approximately 45 minutes if

vehicle or A/C power fails. There is an on board trickle charger for the back up battery as well as the LED to indicate charging status. The charger works from the A/C adapter or the vehicle power supply. It has externally adjustable squelch controls and a microphone level adjustment. The base station has the ability to connect to other audio devices or RF systems. It has a separate audio line input and output to allow connection to external devices. The system 4 base station is equipped with CTCSS squelch. There is a tone squelch defeat switch on the face plate of the base unit in order to allow simple noise squelch adjustment. There are switches to allow the base station operator to switch off a given receiver in order to eliminate full duplex chatter. The person with the

base station receiver turned off will still hear the audio from the remaining users on the full duplex net. There is a face plate mounted Switchcraft TA4F connector. This will allow Three system 4 base stations to be linked (up to 300 feet) to build a larger system. Receivers and transmitters are modular allowing easy replacement with minimum down time. LED’s indicate power status and incoming and outgoing audio. Color coding is used in order to identify the transceivers of the four mobiles being used in the System 4. The base station transmitter can be monitored by 700EDU-R/T repeater for re-broadcast on tactical scrambled frequencies.

MK700 EDU/M Mobile Transceiver
This transceiver is the backbone of the MK700 line of EOD Communications Systems. It is a low power, full duplex transceiver with high receiver sensitivity to allow for Maximum range and Penetration. It operates from Med-Eng bomb suit power or AA batteries. It has factory set squelch and microphone levels which are internally mounted but accessible to a trained technician. On/Off and Volume control are available on the face plate as well as LED’s indicating power status and I/O audio. It is color coded for easy identification. It fits in the pouch located on the right arm of the Med-Eng line of bomb suits. On the SRS-5 the transceiver clips into the metal band located on the left shoulder of the suit.
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