EOD Specifications    10/1/2017

The MK 700 EDU line of communications equipment has been specifically designed for bomb squad and hazmat use. It is available in four different system and custom solutions can be engineered.

The Intention of the design is to provide a hands

free RF communications link between a bomb technician wearing a bomb suit and the number two bomb technician who is normally not in a bomb suit. Larger systems are available to include the bomb medic and tactical team.

For safety purposes the actual radiated power of the transmitter portion of the transceiver is low. Due to operational requirement VOX (voice operated switching) is considered unsuitable. The use of a hand-held walkie-talkie Is not advisable due to radiated power and the radio spectrum being used. The system is full duplex and requires a minimum of two frequencies in order to operate. In most systems there is a rebroadcasted side-tone to confirm reception of the audio link. Range is approximately 300 meters.

The transmitters are housed in a metal cases and powered by AA style batteries. There is a spring style metal clip for attaching the transceiver to a bomb suit (if necessary) and transceivers are supplied with leather pouches that can be worn on the belt.

Headsets that are supplied with the system have antenna mounts to ensure that the antenna is radiating away from the body in order to optimize range. A ground plane is provided with the headset. Normally bomb suit helmets have built in microphone/headset combinations and will readily interface with the transceiver.

The MK700 EDU system was originally developed as a module for the Med-Eng (Allen Vanguard) range of bomb suits. When mounted to the EOD 8 and later suits with the communications pack,

the transceiver will receive power from the bomb suit communications package. With the more recent EMI suits the use of internal suit transmitters is not feasible.


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