EOD Tactical Repeaters   10/1/2017

Swintek Tactical EOD Recording/VHF/UHF Repeater


Swintek 700EDU-R/T
is a tactical listening
post (LP) for EOD
monitoring and
Relay of Field operations

The system combines a
.150-3100 MHz multi-band
receiver with a digital
recorder, and
VHF/UHF transmitter
For tactical missions


The multi-band receiver, receives communications from the Swintek 700EDU Full Duplex Radio Systems or any remote transmitter and records these transmissions to the onboard digital recorder for later revue. The repeater can, upon operator command, relay this information, (REAL TIME) to back-up support personnel, tactical response teams or medical personal via their VHF/UHF public-safety communication devices..


  1. 1 Rugged Fully Portable Weather Resilient Pelican Case
  2. 2 Internal Power

    12 volt/14Ah

    Power Supply

  3. 3 Internal 2 Watt Speaker Monitor with Volume Control
  4. 4 CTCSS Signaling (Option)
  5. 5 Typical Digital Record Time of +240 Minutes
  6. 6 Unites States VHF Transmitter Power 2 Watts
  7. 7 UHF Transmitter Power 1 watt; Above 174 MHz
  8. 8 Line Audio Input/Output
  9. 9 Digital Transmitter (option)
  10. 10 USB Recorder Output to Computer
  11. 11 Scramble and Encryption of Transmissions (optional)
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