Surveillance Solutions  10/1/2017

Swintek Enterprises Inc., a leading manufacturer of wireless equipment, offers a complete line of covert transmitters and receivers for the law enforcement industry. Swintek body wire surveillance transmitters are FCC type accepted under section 90.19 of the code of federal regulation, chapter 47, parts 2 and 90.

All  Swintek products are manufactured in the United States

Ball Cap VHF Narrow Band  1/2 Watt transcorder with internal microphone Operates from 9VDC battery or flying leads. Compatible with Legacy systems. Model: 7554R, $795.00    Supports audio  USB playback.

Covert VHF/UHF FM  Custom Transmitter solutions with Internal or External
Microphones. Mission Packages utilize 3.6-12VDC Power source..
Model: 755X, $795.00

Flat pack Narrow Band VHF  1/2  Watt transmitter/recorder. Operates from internal lithium battery, with USB charger and internal audio recorder.  Optional external microphone.
Model: 7553R, $795.00

1Watt VHF Narrow Band Transmitter with electret microphone, antenna and two 9V alkaline batteries
Model: 7555, $695.00

VHF/UHF ALL Metal PocketReceiver


Small VHF/UHF pocket 2 channel receiver which has been designed for covert applications. The 6315 can power an optional wireless induction loop ear-set or drive a 2-Watt Speaker and can be ordered with an optional de-scrambler. Operates from one 9VDC transistor battery or external DC power source.
Model: 6315/S….$580.00

Synthesized VHF/UHF  Receiver  With Digital Recorder A tactical unit for field use featuring an all band digitally programmable receiver with digital recorder and removable SD memory card. It is packaged in a rugged, weather resilient pelican carry case with a 2 watt audio amplifier. The 6319S will monitor continuously for 125 hr. with keyed recording. It features internal rechargeable batteries, with cigarette lighter power adapter and can be powered from an external 12VDC power source. Features P-25 and cellular interface  for  secure mobile  communications to remote field units.
Model: 6319/S…$3600.00
Gym Bag Repeater, 2-Watt Excellent for health clubs, on the beach, college campuses and playgrounds. Use in conjunction with base ball cap transcoder  or any VHF/UHF high band FM transmitter of matching frequency. Comes with rubber-duck antenna and charger unit. Synthesized VHF/UHF receiver with either 12.5 or 25KHz  bandwidth. Eight Hours of continuous Full- Duplex transmit operation, with 125 hr. standby. Optional P-25 and/or cellular feed for remote field monitors. Hi-power Transmit option available to  federal agencies.
Model: 6327G…. $3,800.00 Pelican Case Model: 6327P…$3500.00

Cellular/VHF/UHF/P-25 Repeater Command Unit The 235 is a tactical unit that combines a tri-band GSM cellular phone, digital voice recorder, and 2-Watt FM transmitter comprising a portable listening post (LP) for GSM or CDEMA cellular call recording and repeating. The GSM/CDMA cellular phone transmits to, and receives calls from, GSM/CDMA cellular covert phones or other GSM/CDMA covert voice units, and can record these calls to the on-board digital recorder. The Vhf repeater can, upon operator command, relay calls to support via public-safety radios. Packaged in a Rugged, weather resilient Pelican Carry Case.  Features P-25 and/or cellular  interface for secure communications.


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